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Melodic Motif promotes talented artists across a variation of genres - advocates great music; uncovers the freshest upcomers; updates on the explosive breakthrough acts;
and walks with the Tier 1 rappers.

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Our team includes:


Jack Sawyer | @JackWSawyer
Founder & Lead Editor

I wish to evolve this platform into a source of music media content - music, interviews, premieres, reviews, essays and articles. Aligning with this, is my interest to one day, develop an independent record label. Overall, my dominant focus is artist development, and supporting young artists in receiving revenue for their content and the ability to make music their ‘full-time job’.
I have qualifications in BSc (Hons) Music Technology and Production [Uni. of Derby]; and MA Music Business Management [Uni. of Westminster]. And experiences with independent records labels and artists.
University consisted of many essays, where my writing was mainly developed I guess. Though I took it seriously after being fortunate enough to contribute for content write ups on Once Upon a Grime, to which I am still a part of.