Press Release

A professional press release creates a phenomenal first impression and is often the difference between the receiver viewing your content or not. We offer single, album, project, tour, and artist introduction press releases; or for any other event/reason you desire. We implement supreme descriptions alongside images and videos, and including that which you request - for example, links to reviews, interviews, discography, and tours; socials medias; streaming platforms; past and future releases.

Content Write Up

The basis of this platform. We offer featured write ups for artists seeking that extra promotion for their music. Due to the abundance of music in this age, we write on as much as possible but unfortunately, cannot support everything. However, we can accommodate an individual service if you wish to have your track at the forefront of our write up schedule. You will receive a write up; promotional post on our socials; and a custom constructed minute-length clip of your content.

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Promotions & Advertisement

Strictly for promotional purposes of your music and own content. This consists of a week-long social media campaign and advertisement space on our website. Campaigns will include 5 social media posts of your content (on your personally chosen days and times). Advertisement will showcase a chosen image with a relevant description, linked to your content; seen on every page of our website. As well as the option for an audio file of your song to be placed on our homepage.

Video Clips

A single clip is included with the content write up package. However, this can be requested on its own - for the timeline or stories. All we require is your music video or artwork, which we will turn into multiple minute-length clips containing the information you require - artist, title, social media name, other contact.