Writing Key


Due to online interactions being so prevalent these days, the way we communicate has evolved from a simple face to face. With good and bad characteristics of this development, one benefit of personal contact that we lack through messaging, is the way in which can deduce another’s emotion, without them verbally explaining it - humour, sarcasm, seriousness, concern, or interest. The way in which we manipulation our expressions and vocal pitch clearly shows this. However, through messaging this is hard. Everyone’s had a text message that they took the wrong way because the emotion was misunderstood. The only current way to portray this is through lols, hahas and emojis - all rather informal. Punctuation like ?, ! do a great job but what about sarcasm or humour? Therefore, we try to implement new characters into our write ups to portray more complex emotion through text.

We also reference certain details which provide a link to a credible source and the original creator of the content, thought or idea. These will be shown as followed: (Source, Year).



ㅋ | Humour
This character is taken from the Korean letter for K. A string of them are often used at the end of sentences to portray laughter, similar to how English use ‘lol’.

* | Importance

⸮ | Sarcasm/Irony